Anne Marie. twenty-one in az
i want to get out of the desert
self tunes

"I need to be alone for certain periods of time or I violate my own rhythm." — Lee Krasner  (via corvidae-and-crossroads)

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it’s strange, growing into my figure one-fourth of the way through. i’ve never been more uncomfortable with how comfortable i am with my body. my skin is elastic, yet my bones feel stark. i find myself avoiding reflections - bashful with the carbon copy staring back, a woman (now) with the moon eyes and hollowness falling beneath, just like i was when i was three. 

"I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got." — Unknown  (via m-i-l-a)

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"You don’t believe me when I tell you that I like the noises you make when you sleep
And I don’t believe you when you tell me that my voice is your favorite sound,
Not when you can sing like that.
One of your ex’s name tastes like stale coffee
And the other one burns as if I’ve swallowed a scalding pot.
You don’t understand why I don’t discuss my first love with you
But how am I supposed to tell the sun that I once fell for the moon?
If I could, I’d pay rent for the spaces between your fingers,
So if anyone else tried to intertwine their hand with yours,
They would be trespassing.
I’m very good at useless metaphors
And very bad at telling people how I feel
But on our worst nights, you’re snow in the month of March
and even though I’m sick of winter,
I will never stop appreciating the beauty of a blizzard." — All About Us, #1 (via spvandi)

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